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Break the glass and you can take the dollar home.


Break the glass and you can take the dollar home.

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Before the Internet, and before viral videos, there was a very clearly understood difference between an ad and a stunt. Back then, ad people kind of looked down on stunts, because stunts would not typically contain an advertising idea. The feeling about that was so strong that some agencies refused to sully their hands with stunts, leaving them instead to PR firms or promotions agencies.

Things have changed, as this Dominos stunt from Crispin demonstrates. The video was ostensibly done to celebrate eight million likes on Facebook, but it could just as easily have been done to celebrate, I don’t know, the first day of spring? The point these days is to get your message viewed and shared, even if your message is nothing more than your name and your logo. In those terms, this is an extremely successful ad, because I watched this all the way through – and look! – now I’m sharing it!

Agency writeup and credits below.

Source: I Believe in Advertising

On Sunday, Domino’s hit eight million fans on Facebook. We wanted to share the cool thank you video we made with more than 50,000 dominos.

Advertising Agency: CP+B, Boulder, USA
Worldwide chief creative officer: Rob Reilly
Group creative director: Tony Calcao
Creative directors: Matt Talbot, Andrew Lincoln
Associate creative director: Mike Danko
Art director: Nick Scarlet
Copywriter: Aaron Sanchez
Integrated producer: Dustin Freeman
Production company: Plus Productions
Editor: Glen Montgomery
Account director: Evan Russack
Content supervisors: Drew Widell, Claire Foss
Content manager: Meg Minkner
Business affairs: Chris Herrington
Social media director: Melissa Goodis
Social media supervisor: Andrew Choban
Collaborators: The Cologne Dominoes Team, Germany


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